Mobile Ready Websites


We offer websites that are clean, uncomplicated and most importantly, Responsive. Our sites are created specifically to your business. Your website will look professional, load quickly and be easy to navigate – by both surfers and search engines.


We believe there is a formula within sites that delivers leads to their representative businesses:

  • Professional-Looking Graphic Designs – If your website design doesn't provide a professional appearance, it will say the same thing about your business. The first impression is always the most important.
  • Functionality – The reason your prospective clients are on the Internet in the first place is to find quick, easy information at the click of a button. If your website design is difficult to navigate, your surfer will probably go somewhere else to find the information they’re looking for.
  • Clear and Concise Text Content – If potential clients don't understand your message on the very first page, they will leave your site without giving you another chance to capture their business. This is so important, we have a writer on our team who works with all of our clients on their text and can help you write your site completely or edit the text you already have for the most impact.
  • Optimizing Your Site for the Search Engines During the Build Process – Your website should not only communicate your message to human visitors, it must also tell the search engine spiders or robots what you are all about, so they can place your website at the top of searches relative to keyword phrases searched. Our design team strives to stay on top of this constantly evolving arena and incorporates necessary elements during and after the design process.


Our Process of Website Design


By following a logical web design process, the required elements will fit into place and the designers will have a clear mandate. The benefit of this method is that the web design team aligns your requirements and reduces the time and expense of developing and launching an effective web site.


Client Briefing

We will work with you to determine outline and goals for the website and the brand image you would like to project online. If you already have a website, you should review the current content and decide which elements you would like to retain and which will be discarded. Submit your web design brief to Cre8ive Marketing Services. If you need help at this stage, contact the Cre8ive Team and we will be happy to assist.


Design Planning

From the client briefing and research, the website is planned out to incorporate the website goals, audience profile, brand promotion, key message, and search engine optimization. Cre8ive concepts for the website will be submitted to include design layout and navigation, outline content sections, and define the scope of the project.


At this point a mock-up of the website design/layout will be created. Once the mock-up is ready, you will receive an email to review for any revisions or changes to the design. If any revisions are needed, revised proofs will be sent for review/approval. Upon approval of the design the build process can begin.


Build of the Website

Once approved, the building stage begins. Our Cre8ive development team will provide a link to the website once all content has been incorporated, which will allow for your review of all pages of your site. We encourage our clients to review all aspects of the website content, including text and graphics, for any revisions needed. Many times there are multiple runs of revisions, and we expect your site to provide the best first impression when it launches.



Approval from the client is always required once all revisions to the website have been addressed and completed. Once final approval has been provided by the client, we will complete the final stages of domain administration (as needed) and launch.


Viola, you now have that Online Presence you’ve been waiting for!


Website Hosting & Domain Registration


Reliable Web Hosting

We offer state-of-the-art web hosting facilities and powerfully fast web hosting connectivity. Our web hosting is secure and able to withstand any type of conditions. We have a 24-hour group of web hosting professionals who monitor the web hosting facilities, as well as 24-hour web hosting support committed to 99.9% uptime!


Access your email from anywhere! We offer webmail services that allow you to access your email on any computer—anytime, anywhere.


What sets us apart from our competition is the fact that we also offer hosting package options for multiple domains. Whether you want to maintain one website, multiple sites or promotional sites, we can accommodate your needs with packages starting as low as $75 per year!


Domain Registration

If you currently have a registered domain and would like to change your hosting service provider, we can assist you and provide hosting services through Cre8ive Marketing Services. If you have never registered a domain before, have no fear…we are here to help! We will assist you in making the right decision on a domain name(s), as well as registering your domains.